Vinalhaven Electric Rates: They Have Gone Up Since Wind Turbines Were Turned On

Vinalhaven Total Electric Rates vs. CMP Energy Rates 2005 to 2013
Source: Fox Islands Electric Co-op (FIEC) Bills on the island and the CMP website


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Until Nov. 2009 when the Industrial Wind Turbines were installed, FIEC rates tracked CMP rates as they went up and down. Toward the end of 2008 rates were dropping fast due to downward pressure from the falling price of natural gas.

After the FIW wind turbines were installed, CMP rates stayed low while FIEC rates rose steadily.

The energy rate (without the Transmission & Delivery costs) went from 5.5₵/kwh in Nov. 2009 doubling to over 12.7₵/kwh in Dec. 2013. Transmission and Delivery rates have not changed at 12.9₵/kwh.

Energy rates (without T&D) have more than doubled (up 111%) and Total rates (energy + T&D) are up 32% since Nov. 2009.


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