The only surprise at yesterday’s oral arguments in Maine Superior Court …

August 15 NOTE TO READERS: All parties, the neighbors, Maine DEP/ State, and Fox Island Wind, attended judicial mediation in Portland on August 14. According to the rules established by the mediator, there will be no public discussion of the mediation unless a settlement is reached or the mediation fails. Another mediation session will be scheduled in the near future. What follows was posted on July 16.

The only surprise at yesterday’s oral arguments in Maine Superior Court with neighbors … of the Vinalhaven wind turbines petitioning against Maine DEP was the suggestion by the judge with attorneys in chamber that the parties enter judicial mediation.

Whether Fox Island Wind would accept mediation is not clear. Nor is it clear to ratepayers why Fox Island Wind would not accept mediation.

In the meantime, a relevant note by Vermont’s Willem Post on one of the hottest summers of the year.

You will see renewables 4% on 16 July 2013, at 5;09 PM, of which wind is 8%, wood 53%, refuse 39%.

Wind’s total contribution = 8% of 4% = 0.32%

Wind’s annual contribution is about 1%, at an annual capacity factor of about 0.25.

At present, wind’s contribution is 0.32%, at a capacity factor of about 0.08

If we place wind turbines everywhere in New England, say 10 times more, at great cost, and much damage to the environment, and much social discord, then wind would contribute 3.2% on a hot summer day.


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