From Victoria, Australia: local government steps back from wind turbines due to noise and health concerns

“… At least one family from Macarthur has completely abandoned their home due to sleep disturbance from wind turbine noise and several other neighbours take refuge away from their homes on a regular basis to prevent the cumulative impacts of turbine noise on sleep quality from completely destroying their health. These impacts were entirely predictable and the inevitable consequence of siting large industrial wind turbines too close to homes and workplaces”, she said.”

and …

“The global wind industry is well aware of NASA research from 1985 10 documenting the presence of wind turbine generated infrasound out to at least 10km”, Dr Laurie stated. There is no evidence that chronic exposure to these infrasound and low frequencies generated by large wind turbines is safe, despite the claims of the VESTAS CEO, and more engineering and health professionals speaking out publicly. 11 If this were a pharmaceutical, adequate safety tests would have been done before it was released onto the market. Why are the rules relating to the health safety of the public different for the wind industry?”

Media Release VCAT confirm damage to sleep and health


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