From Willem Post: UK moratorium on building onshore wind turbines

Below is a 31 October 2012 announcement by the UK Coalition Energy Minister that from now on there is to be a moratorium on building onshore wind turbines, other than those for which consent has already been given.–dangerous-delusions-age.html#ixzz2BpfzZEyF–dangerous-delusions-age.html

This follows the decision in August 2010 not to build any onshore wind turbines in Denmark, and the decision by the North Holland province of the Netherlands not to build any onshore wind turbines.

Note: Vestas, Denmark’s national champion wind turbine builder, is near bankruptcy; the Chinese are buying pieces of of it. Lowell Mountain has 21 Vestas 3 MW wind turbines. Good Luck.

Vermont, to keep its rustic, touristy, pro-environment image intact, should not allow any more noise-making, health-damaging, environment-damaging Lowell Mountains Industrial Wind Turbine facilities on ridge lines.

They produce expensive energy (10 c/kWh subsidized per GMP, 15 c/kWh unsubsidized per US DOE.

For comparison: Long-term contract Hydro-Quebec energy is 6 c/kWh, New England annual average grid prices are 5 c/kWh), AND do not reduce CO2 anywhere near to what is claimed by wind energy promoters.

GMP will buy all of the Lowell Mountain energy and roll its extra costs into the rate schedules of the already-stressed households and businesses within its Vermont domain, about 70% of Vermont’s energy market; a near- monopoly with insider political clout at the top?

The higher electric rates will increase the prices of goods and services, lower living standards (REAL household incomes have DECLINED since 2007), reduce job creation, except in the RE sector.

The diversion of capital into inefficient ways of making energy will DEPRIVE other sectors of the capital THEY need to create jobs and become more efficient and more productive, which ultimately RAISES tax revenues; Economics 101.

Sounds like a bad deal all around except for Vermont’s politically-favored, heavily-subsidized wind oligarchy.


PS. Below are some websites with recent Lowell Mountain noise complaints, as I predicted would happen.


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