Australia hears about Vinalhaven

My Name is Andreas Marciniak from Waterloo South Australia, I just read the article you wrote about the Windfarm, “Blown Away: Big Wind’s Inconvenient Truth”.

First of all I would like to thank you. This article is a mirror of what is happening in my Town here in Australia, only difference is that the 37 Turbines they put up on a 18 km.ridge, front overlooking our small Town of Waterloo, my Home is about 3-5 km. away from the turbine straight in front of my home these monsters are double the out put of what you have over there at 3 megawatt, within weeks of them coming on line we started to get ill, the Town is turning into a ghost Town (declared Disaster area), 79 Families in a 10 km radius, about 90% effected in one way or another, and no one from Council, Thru Energy, or state or Federal Government give a shit, all spin the same story just like you have written!

I my self and 4 others,Families have left our Homes or Farms, because of ill health, my brother got so ill that he nearly died and had to move after only a couple of month, he was told by his Heart Specialist not to go back to his Home because the Turbines will kill him.

The main reason for sending you this email is to ask you permission to pass on your article and circulate it to all our wind Turbine effected friend’s all over Australia ?

If you like any Info on what is happening here in Australia I would be happy to keep you in the loop!

kind regards,
Andreas Marciniak


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