Wind power: costly, inefficient and overstates C02 reduction claims

Having one’s property value, quiet and health stripped away by wind turbines is terrible, but what is worse is that the popular enthusiasm for wind power turns out to be based on false assumptions.

One of the last lines of defense for wind power dilettantes is that this technology significantly reduces carbon emissions. Greenhouse gases are warming the planet, but wind power is not the answer. Willem Post, an energy analyst, writes:

“Energy systems engineers, with decades of experience analyzing energy systems, have analyzed the real-time, 1/4-hour grid operations data published by EirGrid, manager of the Irish grid: CO2 emissions, wind energy produced, total energy produced.

The engineers were expecting a CO2 emissions reduction of 80 to 90 % of the expected value. However, they were surprised that these measured data showed little reduction of CO2 emissions compared to what was expected.

For example: It was found that 12% of wind energy on the grid caused only a 4% reduction of CO2 emissions, i.e., the CO2 emissions reduction was only one third of the reduction expected for this share of wind energy. See Section 4. of

The above situation has led to a spell of deception and delusion. The Deception: too many RECs (renewable energy credits) are being granted to RE producers than is warrented based on the CO2 reduction. The Delusion: that RECs tied to industrial wind turbines are “doing something about climate change”.


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