Is wind energy either economically efficient or does it reduce CO2 emissions at grid scale?

The enthusiasm for industrial wind turbines like those on Vinalhaven have been based in large part on the promise of renewable energy (ie. solar and wind) to safeguard the planet and the energy supply. Science and fact-based analyses, however, do not support these expectations. Willem Post asks the question, “Is wind energy good energy policy”. His answer: “Within federal, state and local governments tens of thousands of people are busying themselves promoting renewables by with holding meetings and public hearings, preparing studies, writing reports, energy plans, laws, rules and regulations, monitoring projects for compliance, etc. Outside of government wind turbine vendors (Siemens, GE, Vestas, Iberdrola, etc,), project developers/owners, financiers managing tax shelters, trade organizations, etc., are busying themselves popularizing wind energy as saving the planet from global warming with PR campaigns that claim there would be significant reductions of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 reductions/kWh, that capital costs/MW would decrease, and that wind energy costs/kWh would be at grid parity in the near future. These claims have largely not been realized.”

If you have the interest to learn beyond the vanities and the myths of wind, here is a good start:


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