The Bruce McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study: Adverse Health Effects Produced By Large Industrial Wind Turbines Confirmed

Many neighbors of the Vinalhaven wind turbines are afraid to speak about the ill-effects of living near the wind turbines, or, worry that no one will believe them. Read this.


McPherson is the first (and so far only) study to specifically look for the presence of excessive infrasound due to nearby wind turbines in a home that was identified by the owners as having a problem.* Two professional acousticians, Robert Rand and Steven Ambrose, lived in the home for 3 days during which they took detailed measurements of the infrasound and noted its effects upon themselves. They discovered that the infrasound often crossed the threshold of detection by the ear’s low-frequency detection mechanisms, and did so in a manner that could be very disturbing to individuals, causing potentially significant health problems.This study calls into question all the existing but unsupported claims by the wind energy industry and its supportive governments that infrasound is not a health issue.

[*NWW note:  In 2009, Wade Bray and Richard James made such measurements at a house in Ubly, Michigan, as presented at Noise-Con 2011.]


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