Comments on Fox Islands Electric Coop Annual Meeting

George Baker, CEO of Fox Islands Wind, continues to write letters to the Maine DEP describing a “good neighbors policy” between FIW and neighbors of the wind turbine farm. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, the turbines are quiet because FIW plans to install a surface modification that may lower decibel levels of the turbines. This moment of silence coincides with the annual meeting of Fox Islands Electric Coop.

Fox Islands Wind Neighbors has tried, for a year and a half– since the moment the turbine farm became operational– to obtain a serious dialogue with FIW and George Baker: to no avail. Even the Maine DEP urged Baker to “talk” with the neighbors. What neighbors have encountered, instead, is a non-stop public relations offensive, including sham surveys and consultants like NREL who come up with nothing. Every effort the neighbors have attempted to communicate the serious issues underlying the excessive noise has been rejected by FIW and its attorneys. In the meantime, we have documented how George Baker’s “good neighbor policy” is anything but. HISTORY OF FOX ISLAND WIND COMPLIANCE ISSUES.


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